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Community Thrive [3]
“Thrivability... the designer's role... pays attention to... details of life hidden in the landscape... The invisible frontiers... where modernity has failed to make good on its promises... the wanderer around invisible peripheries, the witness and facilitator of emergent states.”
- "Design" by Joanna Guldi [4], Harvard Society of Fellows [5]

Image: Public Domain

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Selection of contributors to this collection... Enjoy!

Chris Byrne, MBA, Sustainable Enterprise, Institute for Ecological Entrepreneurship, New College of California

Phil Cubeta, Wallace Endowed Chair, Philanthropy [9], The American College

Joanna Guldi, Fellow, Society of Fellows [10], Harvard University, and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital History [11], University of Chicago

David P. Reed (creator of Reed’s Law), HP Fellow & Adjunct Professor, Viral Communications [12], MIT Media Lab

Gibran Rivera, Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change, Boston, MA
Clients; Berklee College of Music, Boston Architectural Center, Center for Reflective Community Practice (MIT), College of Citizenship and Public Service (Tufts University), Harvard Graduate School of Education, Phillips Brooks House (Harvard College)

Clay Shirky, Associate Teacher, Interactive Telecommunications [13], Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (NYU)

Daniel Christian Wahl, Associate Researcher/Supervisor, Centre for the Study of Natural Design [14], Duncan of Jordanstone College, University of Dundee

Curated Thrivability Bibliography+Timeline

2015, October 27
O'Dwyer, Rachel. “That was when, in February of 2007, someone mentioned the word 'thrivability' to me, and I knew I found the term that described what I wanted to create in the world. At that time, according to google searches then, there were only 2 people talking about it, one of which set me on my path.” [15] P2P Foundation.

2013, October 3
Russell, Jean. Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works [16] (PDF [17]: "Thrivability. I first heard the word at a wiki conference in February 2007. I’d like to be able to say the effect was like lightning, but it was more like a pot slowly filling - one drop of curiosity joining another, day after day. Over time, questions began to cascade.") [see 3 February 2007 below].

2010, September 5
Guldi, Jo. “...delighted to be featured in this context” [18] (links: Imaginify [19]).

2010, July 24
Meyer, Hans Peter. Jean Russell talks about "thrivability" [20] (notes: Jair [21]).

2010, June 7
Centrum för Publikt Entreprenörskap [Sweden [22]]. A seminar about co-creation and "thrivability" theory with Jean Russel [23] (notes: somebody:).

2010, March 12
Russell, Jean. Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch [24] (gratitude: Jair [25]).

2009, September 8
Lebkowsky, Jon. Jean Russell on Thrivability [26] (notes: Jair [27]).

2009, August 3
Michalski, Jerry and Pip Coburn. Yi Tan Call 241 - What Is Thrivability [28] (notes: gentleman:). Open Source Audio:

2009, February 22
Jair and Jean reconnect [29]. RecentChangesCamp 2009 Attendees [30].

2008, August 5
NurtureGirl. raindrops [31] (notes: Imaginify).

2008, April 24
Russell, Jean. [32]. (created on).

2008, February 27
Nurture Girl. Alan R's Page - openmoney (notes: "Jair! He helped inspire my thrivability blog").

2008, January 15
NurtureGirl. Resources on thrivability [33] (links/notes: Peter Ellyard & Imaginify).

2007, March 14
Finley, Klint. Some other Oregon blogs of interest [34] (notes: Imaginify).

2007, February 3
Spinorbs [35]. Jair and Jean's "powerful two-hour conversation [36]" @ RecentChangesCamp2007Portland [37].

2005, January 28
Taylor, Lewis. Interdisciplinary event focuses on collaboration (notes: Jair, “thriveable community resource network”). Register-Guard.

2004, April 3
Steffen, Alex. Beyond Sustainability [38] (commenter: Echo).

2003. March 9
Jair. Community, Networking, and Complexity [39]. Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

2003 - present
Jair. Imaginify Community Network: Community Thrivability [40].

Ellyard, Peter. Leadership for 21st Century Thrival and Thrivability [41]. Saxton Business Speakers Bureau in Australia.

Ellyard, Peter. Planning for Thrival and Thrivability in a Planetist 21st Century [42]. Keynote Address, WA Technology and Industry Council.

Best wishes to Jean, & many others
contributing to the co-evolution of thrivability!

Twitter™ hashtags: #thrivability [43] and #thrivable [44]

Image: Muhammad Mahdi Karim, GNU Free Documentation License, v1.2

More to come... Stay Tuned!

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