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Wednesday, November 19, 2003 - 02:57 AM

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Awareness ResearchCommon Channels is a service for encouraging activity within and amongst online groups. Your group is welcome to sign up for the channels for free. They are working out the details how to set this up on a case-by-case basis. Sign your group up to a channel by providing an email address with permission to send letters to your group. Then let us know the channels that you desire! Write to Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas Laboratory.
* The start date, and if you care, the hour and time zone.
* How often do you wish to receive the letters? Once a week?
* What is the maximum number of items=encouragements that you would like in one letter? We suggest 10.
* Please give your name, and write a short explanation, one or two sentences, to explain to your group why you feel these encouragements are important for you. We will place this at the start of the letter.

We will include, at the end of our letter, a featured open question, along with a link for more information. The link will lead to an open investigation conducted at the Minciu Sodas laboratory, with sponsorship from an enterprise.

Our letters, and the encouragements they consist of, will always be in the public domain, and we will make them available for you to download and use as you wish.

Common Channels is owned and offered by the Minciu Sodas laboratory.
We offer the channels below, and others you might request:
* 1 Structuring workspaces for fostering endeavors
* 2 Organizing an economy for working openly
* 3 Bringing peaceful self-determination to the Middle East
* 4 Practicing love as policy
* 5 Dismantling the racial caste system in America
* 6 Uncovering the structure of everything
* 7 Making work fun
* 8 Interconnecting software tools for augmenting thinking
* 9 Uplifting life in the Lithuanian countryside
* 10 Providing education that fosters independent thinking
* 11 Invigorating the commons for endeavors
* 12 Providing universal access to creative inspiration
* 13 Making India wonderful for all
* 14 Providing political feedback from around the world
* 15 Organizing Islamic independent thinkers
* 16 Including people with marginal Internet access
* 17 Monitoring the wisdom of investments
* 18 Making sense of government performance
* 19 Constructively responding to injustices
* 20 Inspiring a history for Belarus
* 21 New endeavor!
* 22 Eduquemos para promocionar el pensamiento independiente

We look forward to working together to develop opportunities that strengthen all of our groups, especially by working openly. Please let us know how we might develop Common Channels to best present the brands of your groups and members.


PlaNet: a network for the Planetary Citizen, a web discussion portal to promote Planetary Citizenship and a variety of projects related to it. "Online Tools for a Sustainable Collaborative Economy" Gary Alexander, The Open University, Faculty of Technology.

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