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Sunday, October 03, 2004 - 07:04 PM

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Community ThrivabilityEugene, Oregon. The regional gathering of visionaries, creative solutions and inspiring stories. Please join in this October for a celebration of personal and planetary healing. The mission is to continue the development of a spirited community and highlight and support bioregional diversity and health. Eecognizing the contributions of women and youth within our communities. The conference features a live satellite downlink from the main conference. UPDATED!
Oregonians with compelling issues such as Heart Centered Activism, Oregon Land Preservation, Cozmic Politics, New Local Economics, Personal and Planetary Healing and Global Transformation

To disseminate environmental solutions and strategies to national and global audiences to educate, inspire and equip individuals, groups, companies and institutions toward effective action to restore the Earth and her peoples.

To develop and spread model economic strategies for ecological agriculture, environmental restoration and community self-reliance that conserve biological and cultural diversity, and that strengthen traditional, indigenous and restorative farming practices.

To promote understanding of the human-nature relationship that revitalizes our cultural and spiritual connection with the natural world.

Bioneers conducts public education designed to engage people through conferences, workshops, the media and by creating model projects.


Imaginify Free Culture. 10/17/2004, 2-4:30pm.
Communities, Creative Commons, Free Culture & Open Source Technology.
• Flash presentations developed by Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, OSCON, Swarthmore and more.
• Open Source Biology and Genetics...human genome as a public good, or an "open source"
• "Commodification of life is not limited to the human species." ? ? ?
• Facilitated dialogue...@ Lane Community College.

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