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Wednesday, January 05, 2005 - 11:01 PM

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Awareness Research"Intellectual property is the incentive system for the products of the future." -Microsoft 2005. OR how about a different alternative? From the Stream of Consciosness of Fen; "OpenPrivacy is the first open platform that enables user control over personal data". For individuals, "an i-name is a universal private address. A single unified lifetime address that only you control, so it never has to change no matter how many times you move, change jobs, change email addresses..." And now is there a co-intellgent dialogue in, out and around this issue?
***NEW*** iNAME Website

* An address that can't be spammed and will never reveal any of your contact data or other personal information without your explicit permission.
* An address that automatically maintains an address book of everyone with whom it has been shared and what permissions you have given them to use it.
* An address that can be as easy to remember as your own name in your own native language.

• What is OpenPrivacy?

The OpenPrivacy initiative is an Open Source collection of software frameworks, protocols and services providing a cryptographically secure and distributed platform for creating, maintaining, and selectively sharing user profile information.

In effect, OpenPrivacy is the first open platform that enables user control over personal data while simultaneously - and at user discretion - providing marketers with access to higher quality profile segments. The resulting marketplace for anonymous demographic profiles will create opportunities for a new breed of personalized services that provide people and businesses with timely and relevant information. Throughout the system, information may be shared with guaranteed personal privacy, creating at last a level playing field for the user, marketer and infomediaries.

• What is 2idi?

2idi is an identity services provider with a difference, as our mission is to provide you with total control over your identity-related transactions. A service provider that offers i-name/i-number registration, data sharing accounts, link contract negotiation and synchronization services. I-brokers can also offer interest matching, filtering, backup, archiving, and other personalized data services.

Slashdot article; "i-Names Pick Up Steam

I-names are based on the new standard from OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), a not-for-profit, international consortium that drives the development, convergence, adoption of e-business standards. Completed work is ratified by open ballot. Governance is accountable and unrestricted. [members]

• XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier). XRIs are designed to solve is persistent addressing - how to maintain an address that does not need to change no matter how often the contact data for a person or organization changes.

• XDI (XRI Data Interchange).
A new generalized service being developed by the OASIS XDI TC for sharing, linking, and synchronizing data over the Internet (or any other data network) using a common XML representation, called an XDI document.

Infrastructure for the Social Web by Gideon Rosenblatt.

Specifically, here is one of XDI's three parts; The XDI Meta-Schema-a very simple XML schema that uses XRIs developed by the OASIS XRI TC to describe and link data that may be in many other native formats, including other XML schemas.

Fen [Labalme]'s Stream Of Consciousness:
• Peace, privacy and political reform with an eye on freedom, liberty, education, and community.
• Collected Quotes

Fen is a network consultant and privacy advocate, with a firm belief that private communications and secure transactions online (and, indeed, everywhere) can streamline business processes while simultaneously enabling a more empowered populace.


Kaliya [Hamlin]'s Emerging Trends in Transformation.
Focused on applied network theory, information technology and collaboration amongst emering movements including - transformational economics, spiritual activism and co-intelligence.
• Thrivability !

Kaliya is the Outreach Coordinator for Planetwork and the co-founder and co-director of Integrative Activism, a project to develop next generation social networking and collaboration technology to serve spiritual activist leadership and their audiences.


A Good Man is Good to Identify - Doc Searls IT Garage

"I believe what the guys at Identity Commons,, Cordance, NeuStar (and other related companies and efforts, all independent, all working on grass roots, open source efforts) are up to will finally give us what I call The Fully Empowered Customer. For lack of that character, the dream of Networked Markets we wrote about in Cluetrain has not come to pass." - Doc Searls Weblog

more information:

A Wiki about Extensible Resource Identifiers (XRIs) and XRI Data Interchange (XDI)

Openness, Democracy, and Interactivity - PLanetwork Journal

Victor Grey is the Principal of and founder and president of 2idi, says the company acts like "a bank, only we help you exchange information rather than funds."

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