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Imaginify Community [3]
Metamedia Cooperation I, 2005
Eugene, Oregon will played host to a new experience in sharing and collaboration, celebrating the connections between creative solutions in art, science and community. This experience is scheduled for Friday, January 28, at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts. With the glut of information we ingest everyday, this experience will provide participants with a new vision of knowledge and community, inspiring creative tools for applied wisdom. With the onset of an emerging Free Culture that encourages sharing, collaboration and mutual partnerships, we have in our grasp the kind of world in which we can not only sustain, but thrive.
"Mandelbrot [5] Head" (Fractal [6])
by pb via or via Flickr [7]
CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0


Scheduled Speakers:
Holly Arrow [8], Associate Professor, Department of Psychology & Member, Complexity and NonLinear Dynamics [9] (CAND), Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences (ICDS), University of Oregon
Tom Atlee [10], Founder & Co-Director, The Collective Intelligence Institute [11] & Author, The Tao of Democracy [12]
Robert Bolman [13], Founding Director, Maitreya Ecovillage [14] & Writer
Robert Brown, Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Administration [15], Portland State University
Alder Fuller [16], Evolutionary Biologist & Founder/Instructor, Euglena Education [17]
Kaliya Hamlin [18], Outreach Coordinator, Planetwork [19]
Jair, Creative Director, Imaginify Community Network & CAND [20]
Mark “mOceaN” Lakeman [21], Co-Founder, City Repair Project [22], & Coordinator, Village Building Convergence [23] (Urban Renewal [24])
John Orbell [25], Professor, Political Science Department & Evolution and Cognition [26], ICDS, UO
Richard Taylor [27], Associate Professor, Physics, Psychology, & Art Departments, and Member, CAND & Materials Science Institute [28], UO

Scheduled Performers
With Special Guests!!!
GENUS PRO [30] [Eug]
1. Freedom to use.
2. Freedom to understand.
3. Freedom to share.
4. Freedom to modify.
5. Freedom to have freedoms.
...with respect to the text, sound, image, video, or software.

"Cultural artifacts are the vehicles for the flow of ideas
and feelings between author and audience,
programmer and user, community and individual."



Interdisciplinary event focuses on collaboration [32] [archive mirror: [33]]
by Lewis Taylor, Register-Guard, 01.28.05
The best way to describe Imaginify's Metamedia Cooperation, a multimedia exhibition happening today at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, is to define what it isn't, says Jair, the event's organizer. "It's not a lecture. It's not a rave. It's not a discussion group. It's not an art show. Now that you've heard what it isn't, here's what it is: Multiple galleries, theaters and spaces featuring academics, urban planners, musicians and artists..."

Imagine If I... Share: Local network supports open source culture. [34]
by Vanessa Salvia, Eugene Weekly, 01.27.05.
"Metamedia Cooperation is throwing a party organizers hope will bend and expand your mind. The experience Friday includes music by Raging Family, art installations, multimedia presentations, organic food and drink and talks by UO and Portland State University faculty. Explore ideas of group theory with UO psychology professor Holly Arrow. Or learn how Jackson Pollack's paintings use fractals when Richard Taylor speaks. Eugene's Maetreya Ecovillage, ProtoTista, Planetwork and City Repair Project will also debate and discuss their theories and ideas..."

Imaginify: Metamedia Cooperation. [35]
by Rommel de Leon, Coolmel.Typepad, Integral Institute [36], IntegralNaked AvanteGarde [37], 01.24.05.
"Check it out if you're passing by Eugene, Oregon."

Collaboration in the what now? [38]
by Matt Haughey [39], A Whole Lotta Nothing [personal blog], Founder, MetaFilter [40], 01.21.05.
"Odd, I hadn't heard about this, but it's in my own backyard so I'll go. I can't tell if Larry will be there or if it's just a video of him. Probably a video -- we're talking about Eugene, Oregon of all places. :)"

Putting Our Best Note Forward: Eugene brings in the 21st century's big names. [41]
EW's Winter 2005 Guide to the Performing Arts
By Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly, 01.06.05.
"...DIVA continues to grow as a progressive performance venue, bringing live music to the Imaginify MetaMedia conference on Jan. 28..."

"Seahorse Valley" "Mandel zoom 09 satellite head and shoulder.jpg"
Created by Wolfgang Beyer with the program Ultra Fractal 3 via wikipedia
GNU Free Documentation license, Version 1.2 & CC Share-Alike


DIVA [43]
Pro Sound and Video [44]
Sprout City Studios [45]
and everyone involved!

Art Curating - Jodi Hanson [46]
DIVA Liaison - Carole Patterson
Fiscal Sponsor - Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts
Media Services Coordinator - Cosmos Corbin [47]
Projections & Visuals - Dreamer John
Speaker Coordinator Jodi Hanson [48]
Sound Backbone - Pro Sound and Video [49]

Audio & Video Alchemy
Thadeus Moore, Sprout City Studios [50]
Andy Pratt, Hi-Angle Productions [51]

Facilitated Dialogue & Fishbowl - Sunshine Facilitation Collective, Tree Bressen [52]

Related Activities
Donated Local, Organic, Slow Food and Drink Energy
Emerald Valley Kitchen [53]
Eugene City Bakery
Hemp Fibers - Loralee, Circle Creations
Massage and Healing [54]
Rapadura Chocolates - Trust Hemp
Raw Organic Food Kitchen - Rachel, Stan & Shad
"Metamedia Cooperation MC"
by pb via or via Flickr [56]
CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0

Local Media
Vanesa Salvia, Eugene Weekly
Lewis Taylor, Register-Guard

Campus Advisors
Doug Blandy, AAD, AAA
Lori Hager, AAD, AAA
Vera Kewene, Business School
Holly Arrow, Psychology, ICDS
Richard Taylor, Physics, ICDS
Al Stavitsky, Journalism

Poster Design
Rocketeye Designs

Paper & Printing
Dandy Printing (Soy Ink)
Living Tree Paper [57] (Tree-Free)

Wow Hall

Presented by: The Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts and UO Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences
Space: Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts [59] (DIVA)
Place: 110 W. Broadway, Eugene
Time: Friday, January 28, 5pm - Midnight(?)
Price: Suggested Donation $5-?

In the spirit of winter, Imaginify, Eugene's thrivable community resource network, will host an an adventure of ideas. Attendees are encouraged to address the "Free Culture [60]" theme by bringing ideas and tools that represent the practical applications of open source sharing and cooperation. Rounding out this integral experience will be cutting-edge academics from the fields of biology, business, physics, political science and psychology, as well as participation from communities at the forefront of ecological design, permaculture and planning. Art installations featuring the visionary works of Dhira Lawrence, Mark Henson (Alumni, University of California at Davis), Nemo, Carey Thompson, Roman Villagrana and others will also be on display. Multimedia video presentations on Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons, and remixed works by The Theurgic Seed Cooperative and others will open new horizons along with visuals by Dreamer John (featured at Portland's Awakening the Divine Imagination). Local composer and Imaginify founder, Jair, will serve as the night's host.

All ages are welcome.

Update new experiential concepts and organic lifestyles to our space!

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