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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 - 09:04 PM

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Community ThrivabilityUPDATE: TRYON LIFE COMMUNITY FARM HAS BEEN SAVED! Portland is a future that continues to nourish innovation and livability. Nestled into Tryon Creek State Park in S.W. Portland is the intersection of rural, urban and wild. An Open Commons demonstrates how multiple communities can efficiently live, work, and play in urban density while learning to heal the land, cooperate with each other and change the world.

On this rare landscape, people are coming together to teach and learn the skills needed to ensure a sustainable future city. Tryon Life Community Farm is seven acres, surrounded by 670 acres of state park. Rolling wooded meadows. Fruit trees, grape vines, vegetable gardens, a bonsai nursery...
Tryon Life Community Farm: Sustainability Education Center and Urban Ecovillage

Groups collaborate with a diversity of backgrounds, skills, and approaches: from natural building, environmental law, permaculture farming/gardening, food preservation to community activism, multi-media and the arts. From this base, we have developed an interdisciplinary and experiential educational program designed to build critical reflection, collaborative skills, and practical training in the art and science of social and ecological responsibility.

Interdisciplinary hands-on educational program
•• Integration of social, ecological and economic sustainability ••

Permaculture Farm
** food systems
** lawns into edible landscape
** native plant and wildlife habitat restoration

Green Building Techniques
** retrofiting existing structures
** natural building skills using earthen materials
** retain and bioremediate runoff that otherwise pollutes the watershed

Green Space Preservation and Restoration of Native Ecosystems
* innovative approaches to sustainable urban communities

Transportation Alternatives
** public buses, bicycles, and shuttles
** fossil fuel free sustainability
** reducing traffic on overburdened local roads

At the confluence of rural farm land and native forest, in an urban center, TLC Farm is a place of cooperation and crossroads for a diversity of people.

We are community and conservation working together.

Tryon Life Community Farm
11640 SW Boone's Ferry Road
Portland, Oregon 97219
503.245.3847 .::.

With your help: This unique resource becomes permanently accessible as an open commons demonstrating how multiple communities can efficiently live, work, and play in urban density while learning to heal the land, cooperate with each other, and change the world.

Publicly accessible;
• classes
• demonstration projects
• land tours
• workshops
for school groups, organizations and kids and adults of all ages.

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