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Monday, January 23, 2006 - 11:43 AM

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Imaginify CommunityFrom Imaginify: THANK YOU AGAIN!!! to everyone who participated, collaborated and/or attended
Metamedia Cooperation II, 2006
PHOTO TAG : mcii [360° visual screen]

Thank you to our Collaborators:
Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts (DIVA)
University of Oregon (UO)
••• Cultural Forum (CF)
••• School of Allied Arts & Architecture (AA&A)
••••• Art Department
••••• Arts & Administration (AAD)
••••••• Institute for Community Arts Studies (ICAS)
••• Institute of Cognitive & Decision Sciences (ICDS)
••••• Complexity and Nonlinear Dynamics Focus Group (CAND)

Electric Sheep: Dreams in High Fidelity [HD], 360° visual screen, & Keynote on Conceptual Art

[Tom Marioni reads "Notes on Public Sculpture."] [Conceptual Art & Circle°ism]

|| Other works presented by Tom Marioni ||
• By the Fire • Room for Interpretation
• Beijing • The Power of Suggestion
• PI • Circle, Triangle, Square
• Observatory Bird • One Second Sculpture
• The Marriage of Art and Music LA
• Golden Rectangle with Boomerang
• Bird in Hand • Over the Piano
• Musical Instrument that cannot be played / Temple of Geometry
• Free Beer (The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art)

Digital Panel : Free & Open Source Cultural Ecologies

[L to R: Erik Sundelof [screen], Tree Bressen, Jon Ramer, Ben Barrett, Stephen Fickas, Kaliya Hamlin (Scott Kveton)]

[Videoconference from Stanford: New Media, Blogging & Participatory Journalism] [Open Assistive Computing]

[Jon Ramer holds up a map of cooperation studies] [Click for the mandala jpg]

Analog Fishbowl : Organic Community

[Joel Levey leads a mind/cognitive fitness training. Visuals by: Scott Draves] [Introduction to fishbowl participants]

[Communties from small to big] [L to R: Tynan Pierce, Hope Medford, Michael Gosney, Peter Moore]

Analog & Digital Panel : Complexity, Physiology & Cognitive Freedom
Photos Coming Soon!
[Panelists: Alder Fuller, Joel Levey (presentation by Strawberry Gatts), David Oaks]
[Facilitator: Dominic Allamano]

Unconference : Experiential & Open Space Dialogues with Holly Arrow & Tree Bressen

< < < --------------- From Large Group to Small Groups to Open Space --------------- > > >

Art Panel : What is Art?

[L to R: Nemo, Dhira Lawrence, Zachary True, Roman Villagrana, Lindy Kehoe, Tom Marioni, Scott Draves, Michael Gosney, Mark Henson, David Heskin]

[Experience production fractal lighting] [Meta-evolutionary °space]

Analog, Digital & Open Algorithmic Art Installations

[More 'Dreams' in HD & open source Electric Sheep] [Pod Collective Lightbox]

[Dijeridoo soundwaves through the "Brain Massager" soundtube] [Tibetan Bowl brings new sounds]

Introduction to Metamedia Cooperation II

[Jair improvises about Metamedia Cooperations+"intentionalizing the space"] [Circularism & Circle°ism Metapoetry]

Cleanup, Fun, Recycling & Remixing

[MetamediaCamp Coming Soon!]


Holly Arrow, UO ICDS
Doug Blandy, UO ICAS
Tree Bressen, Dynamic Facilitation
Gaylene Carpenter, UO AAD
Darrel Kau, UO Cultural Forum
Tom Marioni, Conceptual Artist
Jeremy Olsen, UO EMU
Carole Patterson, DIVA
Brent Rosskopf, Fenario Gallery
Erik Sundelof, Stanford Reuters Digital Visions Fellowship (RDVP)
Kate Wagle, UO Art Department


Holly Arrow, Ben Barrett, Scott Draves, Steven Fickas, Alder Fuller, Strawberry Gatts, Michael Gosney,
Kaliya Hamlin, Mark Henson, David Heskin, Lindy Kehoe, Scott Kveton, Dhira Lawrence, Joel Levey,
Tom Marioni, Hope Medford, Peter Moore, Nemo, David Oaks, Tynnan Pierce, Jon Ramer, Erik Sundelof,
Zachary True & Roman Villagrana


Art Curating :
Brent Rosskopf, Fenario Gallery
Jair, Imaginify

Art Co-Coordinators :
Aaron Howard, EMU Visual Arts Coordinator
Daniel, Spectral Emanations
Nemo, Nemo's Utopia

Audio Alchemy : Thadeus Moore, Sprout City Studios

Collaborating Organizations :
Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat & Conference Center, Detroit, OR
CedarMoon, Portland, OR
Center for Cognitive Libery & Ethics, Davis, CA
Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, Eugene, OR
Holocosmos, Point Reyes, CA
Lost Valley Intentional Community & Education Center, Dexter, OR
Mindfreedom International, Eugene, OR
Oregon Country Fair, Community Village, Doors of Expression booth, Lorane, OR
Oregon State University Open Source Lab, Corvallis, OR
Pod Collective, Lightbox Installation, SF, CA
Tryon Life Community Farm, Portland, OR
Village Building Converegence 6, City Repair Project, Portland, OR

DIVA Liaison : Carole Patterson

Education Director : Rebeccah White

Experience Dialogue Facilitation : Tree Bressen

Experience Hospitality Organic Food and Drink :
Buddha Belly Kitchen, Mount Shasta, CA
Conscious Chocolatier, Eugene, OR
Holy Cow, Eugene, OR
Emerald Valley Kitchen, Eugene, OR

Experience Production Coordinator : Brian Jones

Experience Process Design :
Tree Bressen, TreeGroup
Jair, Imaginify Community Network

Experience Scheduling Co-Coordinators :
Amy Johnson, UO Scheduling & Events
Darrel Kau, UO Cultural Forum
Jair, Imaginify Community Network

Experience Support Lead Coordinator : Jeremy Olsen

Glass Art Installations :
Marcel Braun
Mark Lammi
Mark McCourt

Fiscal Sponsor : Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts

Music°Spheres Coordinator : Cosmos Corbin, Raging Family [eug]

Photography :
Ben Barrett
Scott Huette
Larry Price
Rebeccah White
[more to come]

Publicity :

Eugene Weekly
KWVA 88.1 FM
The Register-Guard
UO Daily Emerald

Poster Design : Rocketeye

Printing :
Dandy Printing (Soy Ink)
Living Tree Paper (Tree-Free)

360° Visuals Coordinator : Dreamer John

Videography : Scott Huette, UO Arts & Administration Adjunct

DJ Jeremiah, G.A.S.P., DJ Goz, Galactic Dub Council, Oberon, The Theurgic Seed Cooperative, 1000%


University alumnus hosts Metamedia Cooperation II
By Susan Goodwin. Photo by Kai-Huei Yau, UO Daliy Emerald, January 20, 2006
"Local artist and University alumnus Jair will host his second art event, Metamedia Cooperation II, in the EMU Ballroom today at 5 p.m. Jair, who goes by only his first name and does not disclose his age or past, is an experimental artist who combines music, visual and graphic arts to create an "experience" for participants...

What's Happening, Eugene Weekly, January 19, 2006
"Friday evening, the Metamedia Cooperation II takes place at the UO's EMU Ballroom. We're hard pressed to properly explain the Metamedia project without quoting directly from the event flyer..."

Jair: Artist With Flair: His life's work is bringing diverse people together to think outside the box
By Lewis Taylor, Photo: Chris Pietsch, The Register-Guard, January 16, 2006 [MLK Bday]
"Jair is not an easy guy to pin down.
A technologically savvy artist who came to Eugene from Southern California in the 1990s to study music composition at the University of Oregon, he doesn't use his last name and won't reveal his age."

When asked where he lives, he has a simple answer. "I live on planet Earth," he says. For Jair, art is life, and he prefers to let his art speak for itself...

Metamedia Cooperation II
by Scott "Spot", January 10, 2006
"On Friday January 20th I will present my latest work at MetaMedia Cooperation II at the University of Oregon. Expect to see a nearly-final version of Dreams in High Definition projected on the big screen... "

Metamedia Cooperation II
by Kevin Kelly, The Home Galaxy, 1/20/2006
"Upcoming Community Events... Kevin takes part in a number of community events which might be of interest to you... Enjoy."

Pix from Metamedia by Scott "Spot", January 27, 2006
"Pix from last friday, taken by metamedia staff. I had a great time, thanks Jair for the invitation and for making it happen."


Presented by: University of Oregon Art Department, Art & Administration, Cultural Forum & Institute for Community Arts Studies, Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts & Imaginify Community Network
Space: EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Place: Corner of 13th Avenue & University Street
Time: Friday, January 20, 2006. Doors open at 5pm.
Price: Suggested Donation $10 - ?

This integral experience with cutting-edge academics from the fields of music, physiology, psychology and technology will feature, Open Space for communities at the forefront of eco-design, place making and social creativity. Art installations will be curated by the Fenario Gallery featuring the visionary works of Kris D, Dhira Lawrence, Mark Henson, David Heskin, Nemo, Roman Villagrana and others. Multimedia video presentations will focus on Creative Commons, Holocosmos, Pod Collective and Spotworks. Atmospheric sounds will be mixed and remixed by Highdropod, G.A.S.P, The Theurgic Seed Cooperative and others, along with visuals by Dreamer John. Composer & Imaginify creative director, Jair, will serve as a guide through this in-person and teleconferenced environment continuing the evolution of this new "Meta-Cooperation" space.


Currently in the works on Imaginify II, an open digital fountain. Open space for co-presencing to the Metamedia Cooperation III (March 3, 2007) with the support of the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts & departments from The University of Oregon.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ? Circularism & Circlism : Metamedia Cooperation II, 2006 | Log-in or register a new user account | 0 Comments
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